Apps in schools

Making learning content available digitally

Support the learning processes of the students and provide them with a modern learning environment.

Create apps with your own learning content to supplement the existing materials.

Make your school "fit for the future" - create apps -
without IT knowledge - with contentDock®!

Packing your own learning content into apps

with contentDock®

Although online offerings can be found for almost any teaching topic, learners cannot always rely on the depth of information they need, or trust the source as such.

And this is exactly where our vision comes in:
Apps with their own learning content -
presented in its own school app platform -
created and managed with the tools of contentDock®!

contentDock® provides you with the necessary tools to package your own learning content in apps independently and without programming knowledge and to make it available to the learners in a targeted manner - whether as lesson preparation, accompanying to lessons or for reviewing topics already covered.

Create added values and support your students by preparing your teaching content in digital formats and making it available in a central platform - with native apps from contentDock®.

Start directly

Start directly with the first app without a local IT solution and without programming knowledge.

Easy going

A small selection of ready-made templates is available for an easy start.

Stay flexible

If required, individual programming and external modules can also be integrated.icon-speedometer

Many possibilities for your CONTENT

From simple text elements, to image, video and audio elements, to tables and diagrams.

More than 20 elements from the areas of multimedia and graphics are available for the design of the apps, which can be set individually in size, position and rotation.

Learning content as video courses

For example, integrate videos to convey specialist knowledge.

Especially in natural science subjects, recordings of experiments or animated infographics can effectively supplement the learning material.

Learning content as audio formats

Supplement the learning content to be conveyed with audio formats.

Integrate your own podcasts and enrich your learning offers with interesting audio contributions from images and texts.

Learning content and digital tests

Create varied learning content by combining the various content elements in a targeted manner.

Perhaps you can round off the learning units with a short test - by using the contentDock® form elements.


Providing digital learning content is a challenge. Therefore work in a team.

Plan together with your colleagues in the respective conferences which content you would like to include in your apps first and then build them up step by step.

Once a learning app is ready, invite the participants in a targeted manner. Whether entire grades or individual students - you decide who gets access to the respective learning content.

contentDock® Tools

With the App construction kit from contentDock®, you have it in your own hands.
From the creation of the page templates, to the management of the content, to the publication of the apps.

Create App Templates -
with the Wireframing App

With the Wireframing App you can create your own templates for your contentApps - without programming knowledge, without code.

More than 20 elements from the areas of multimedia and graphics are available as standard.

Manage apps and content -
with the Management Tool

With the web-based App Management System you can manage your apps and their content.

In addition, you control the roles and rights of the employees involved, the use of templates, styles and fonts as well as the publication of your apps.

Test and distribute apps -
with the Viewer App

Test and distribute your contentApps - as often and as long as you want.

Accompany the development of your contentApp in preview mode and adjust the styles of the content elements used.

From the contentApp to your own app platform

The contentDock® Viewer App offers the possibility to directly, quickly and easily provide contentApps as InApps for use.

If you would like to expand your apps with individual developments or bring them to the Apple & Google App Stores with your own design, then rely on the support of the contentDock® SDK.


With just a few clicks and without additional costs, you can quickly and easily publish your apps as InApps within the contentDock® Viewer App.

Single App

With the SDK Single Mode from contentDock® and your own Apple/Google Developer account, your app can be brought to the App Store to load it from there as a single app and launch it directly.


With the SDK Multi Mode from contentDock® and your own Apple/Google Developer account, all your contentDock apps can be listed in the App Store in a standalone viewer app with your own design.

App programming in the computer science course - teaching at a new level!

Trust on the students' curiosity and creativity as they learn the programming languages Swift for iOS and Mobile Java for Android.

Use these future-oriented programming languages in your computer science course or school club and at the same time give your school the opportunity to program additional functions for your learning apps using the contentDock® SDK.

The features of contentDock®

From a small entry to a large solution - with contentDock® you can create apps for your content!

Easy to get started

Design the templates for your apps with the content elements developed by us - without programming knowledge, without code!

Fair prices

Stay flexible and pay only for what you use and only as long as you use it.

High flexibility

Rely on the flexibility of being able to expand your apps at any time through your own developments or by integrating external modules.

API connection

Integrate data from external sources into your apps via the contentDock® API.

Roles & Rights

Whether admin, editor or developer - delegate tasks by assigning individual access rights.

User administration

Decide whether your apps are accessible to everyone or personalized - by granting appropriate user rights.

Preview mode

Accompany the development of your apps without affecting the currently released version.


Publish your contentApps on demand as InApps in the Viewer App - directly, quickly and easily.

Offline availability

After the download, the data is stored on the user's tablet and is then also available without the Internet. The user can synchronize updates as soon as he is online again.

Version management

If necessary, revert to an older version of your app and make it available again for publication.

Real-time editing

Update your content whenever you want and publish your new app version with a few clicks.

Usage statistics

Analyze the usage of your apps and find out which content pages were accessed most frequently.

discount program for educational institutions

We support accredited educational institutions in setting up digital teaching programs with attractive special conditions. Please contact us without obligation.

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